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by Justin Engebregtsen

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Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council  

Milwaukee River Bridge

Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council Bridge Installation

The bridge across the Milwaukee River is under construction. This page provides links to pictures of the progress being made.

It will be updated periodically to provide current pictures as progress continues.

A special thanks to Paul P. Gutelius who has taken these pictures and helped build and maintains this page.

Thursday, February 28th, It's hard to keep up -- and still come to work.
These are from this morning about 7 am. Theoretically, there won't be much more to report until I can walk out on the bridge. The progress will tell. 
The first two pictures give you a side view of the entire bridge - 325 feet. The third is looking down the length of the bridge from the east end. Decking is still being put down on the bridge itself. The wooden fence at the east end is started.

Wednesday, February 27th, Things are changing very quickly! The east span is in place (although not open) and you can see work on the west span in the third picture.

Tuesday, February 26th, Things are moving quickly! On February 25, it looks like the eastern section of the bridge arrived. The first photo from the top of the east abutment shows the first two of three sections being attached to each other on the causeway. The second shows the third section still on a truck on the west side of the river. The third is an upriver shot of the two sections.

Monday, February 25th, This week the river took control. In these three photos you can see how high the river is on the east causeway. For a day or so it was within an inch or two of the top. The east causeway actually went underwater. An ice jam formed upstream and the work crew hurriedly removed the causeway on Friday. The last photo  shows one ice chunk pushing on the east causeway Sunday afternoon. It eventually went underneath.

Friday, February 15th, the center span of the prefabricated truss bridge was moved onto the island. It doesn't look like it is exactly in position yet, but at least it gives us a good idea of what is to come. The center section is 75 feet long and about 12 feet wide. It spans the island. The other two are 125 feet long and they should show up very soon!

February 6: The structural repair on three of the four supports look to be complete. In the first picture you are looking west across the river.  Only the west abutment still has the plywood forms still on it.

The east abutment is in the process of getting its "rip-rap," what appears to be broken chunks of concrete placed between the river and the abutment itself to discourage the return of the buckthorn that was there before.

January 29: One pier on the island is already poured. (they are cutting off the top 5 feet or so and pouring new concrete.) The second is ready. So is the east abutment.  But the cones and barriers set up to stop snowmobilers on the river now tell the geese thus far and no farther....

January 17


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All pictures copyright © 2002 Paul P. Gutelius, Used by permission
Last modified: February 26, 2002

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